Thursday 22 August 2013

A Hutch Will Do

"Look at those stupid humans staring into their computer monitors all day. I've not seen them race about or binky once. Maybe a hutch WOULD be enough to stick one of them in. What do you reckon - should we get one as a pet? I'm sure we could ask one of the baby bunnies in the next aviary to feed them..."


  1. You three look yummifloofilicious! I would punish you for calling me stupid by snorgling the lot of you against your will whilst babytalking to you in my most annoying "hi bunneh wunnehs" voice. HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAAHHA!!!

  2. Brandi, I know they look really tough, but please don't go scaring the bunnies that way.

  3. Sounds like these three little Disapprovers need to train up their hoomins!

    Train Your Hoomin!

    (I enjoyed reading every section! They're all brilliant!)

  4. *dies a-*squee*-ing at all the adorable disapproval*