Friday 30 August 2013

The Face and the Faceless

I was asked for a photo of Rosetta and Fonzie last week, but when I checked my files I had nothing suitable. So Monday I got them out into a nice green open space and had a go. Then I remembered.

I don't have decent pictures of Fonzie because if you go anywhere near him he won't leave you alone. He gets right up in your face (literally) looking for treats or, failing that, someone to make a big fuss of him. No, no, really, he IS a rabbit, honest!

By stark contrast, at the sign that anything unusual (like photography) is afoot Rosetta just chooses to be somewhere else. If she can't be somewhere else, she tends to get nervous and growly, so although they are a beautiful and fabulous pair of real characters, they really need a very special home with someone experienced.

Well anyway, as a result of all this, almost all of my pictures of the two of them together look something like this:

Great huh?

Fortunately, Rosetta's cautiousness drops away in an instant at the first sign of snacks. The only trouble is, then they're BOTH in your face.

"Did you say the 'S' word?"


  1. Bunny necks are irresistible.
    I am being disapproved of by bunnies...but I live a an island, an ocean, and half a continent away!
    Rosetta is a LOVELY lady.

  2. What wonderful bunnies. You are not going to just ignore this creative challenge are you? Of course not. Now get us some more pictures, Mr. Complainypants.

  3. The more I look at Rosetta, the more I feel the need to open a dictionary and start looking up words that start with "S."