Wednesday 21 August 2013

The Dandelions Raw

Wild plants make for a really good and healthy addition to your rabbits diet. Assuming, of course, that you give them the edible ones - some plants are highly poisonous to bunnies and only offer the promise of a slow and painful death.

Which, since I personally can't tell a daffodil(poison) from a dandelion(tasty), is why I avoid them.

Caroline however is somewhat the country girl and can tell the difference. So not only does she regularly go foraging for wild plants to supplement our residents diet, she has also planted seeds around the green areas of the Rescue to give the bunnies a chance to do some foraging of their own.

Which is good for the bunnies with a natural instinct for spotting the good ones, but as for the bunnies who are more like me in this regard...

"[sniff]..Hmmm...I'm gonna say...this one is...erm...are you sure I can't just have a carrot?"


  1. The looks like hawkbit. The plant, not the bunny.

  2. Oh Speedy would have a field day!xx Rachel

  3. My favorite coffee cup says, "To Someone Outstanding In The Field." And then there is a lovely drawing of a cow in a pasture on it. I assume that this poor bunn will lose his nickname before school starts and that his remedial botany courses will start on the first day. How do bunnies in the wild know what not to eat? We have so many poisonous non-native/invasive landscape plants, but alot of people try to stick to drought tolerant native plants.

  4. Dandelions and clover heads are quite prolific here - a foraging trip every evening!