Friday 23 August 2013

A Hutch Will Not Do

"Oh, hello. Einstein here. That BHV fellow was in a bit of a grumpy mood this morning, so I thought I'd step in and impart some of my wisdom.

Apparently, or so he says, it was really difficult to type those words for the title of yesterday's post. That "A Hutch Is Not Enough" business is something he believes in very passionately so it kind of grated on him typing the opposite, even for a joke. Stupid weak-minded human.

Well anyway, guess what? I, a bunny of larger than average stature, of course believe in it too. So lets just clear the air and make sure we are all on the same page.

  • A hutch is not enough.
  • A cage is not enough.
  • A tiny section of one room barely bigger than a couple of litter trays is not enough.
  • A tiny hutch attached to a tiny run you bought in the pet shop, because the sales person said it was for rabbits, is not enough.
  • I need to stretch out.
  • I need to stretch up.
  • I need to run about. And I don't mean take two hops and have to turn around, I'm not circuit training, I want to actually pick up some speed and jump about a bit!
  • I need to run about when it suits me, not when it suits you, so don't think it's OK to shut me in a tiny space for more hours than you don't. Scheduled exercise time is for prisoners, not family members.

So there you go. It's 2013, not 1913, you humans are supposed to be cleverer now, a hutch is really not enough. If you want to know what a modern rabbit house should look like, check out the Rescue website.

Well that's my little lecture over. Now, where's that BHV bloke gone with my breakfast?"


  1. Humans are strange, Einstein. Bunnies Rule.

  2. Woohoo you tell them Einstin,I'm only in my den when the humans are sleeping but during the day I am out all day long,either coming and going from the garden and the cilling in my Play pen no gate on that one or upatairs running around with mummy,xx Speedy

  3. Oh, Speedy, it is still like getting fresh good news to hear that. We are certainly all being polite today, I mean about that bunny's breakfast. Speedy, you are the cheeky one. Can you say something to get that bloke going?

  4. You're so right, Einstein. I, like your volunteer hoomin, get very upset about this. Rabbits kept without space to stretch their big powerful back legs, are basically being tortured permanently. I usually say it's like a hoomin being forced to kneel down for hours or days, i.e. extremely painful.

    Sadly, people reading these posts and comments on this website are likely to know all this already.

    It's the other stoopid cruel hoomins who DON'T realise or care about this stuff, that need to be told and made to understand.

  5. Fleetie, I am always surprised at the way information flows. I know of people who have honestly confessed to having gotten or received a bunny without having any real understanding of what a decent bunny life requires. They come to these sites to see cute bunnies and then begin to learn and later even advocate or EVEN donate, as well as finding out how to make a huge difference in their own bunns life. I haven't even scratched the surface of what bunny care requires and what bunnies can teach us. Bunns like Queen Cinnie and Santa have devoted their lives to making humans understand what it means to be a bunny. As B-H V said...the determination to communicate. If you go to the home page you can press on More and find out how to contribute to this rescue's long term plans. There is something going on with BT until the end of October. I think the rescue has little contribution boxes that can be printed out. How about one on the corner of your desk? You can tell all your pesky human colleagues to contribute or scurry/scuttle on.

  6. Funny you should mention that. Recently I decided I wanted to move my monthly donation from the RSPCA to a bunny-specific place, i.e. a shelter or rescue, preferably near to me. So I have identified one near Manchester, and this morning (Friday) at work I printed out the bank standing order form to complete and send them so they can then send it to my bank and get the money every month.

    I would rather the money go somewhere rabbity. Also, the RSPCA is a big organisation and they waste loads of money sending you stupid magazine things every month or two. I didn't donate to pay for post that preaches to the converted! Also the one time I actually opened one of these magazines, it contained stories I found distressing. I didn't pay to get distressing articles mailed to me! Use the money to help the animals!!!

    So my next job is to fill in this new form and send it off to the local rabbit rescue.

  7. Fleetie, I know what you mean. I had a similar experience. I contributed (but to a different organization), got the magazine, looked at it, and wanted to go hang myself which was always strictly not allowed, but has been disallowed even more by Queen Cinnie's code and the knowledge that the bunns were counting on me. Thanks for what you are doing for the bunns. Please let us know when you get ready to run for public office.