Saturday 24 August 2013

Ankle Height Fright

Foster bunny Picante has really come along in the last couple of weeks. Instead of running away when I reach my hands out she'll now stay where she is and let me make a fuss of her. I think she is going to make somebun and their family really happy when she is ready to be re-homed.

There is one slight issue though. The new family will love her as long as whoever brings her breakfast doesn't mind having their ankles bitten when it's delivered late...

"What? That's a totally valid form of bunny communication! Look it up."


  1. Who is going to mind that? I mean, really? By the way, if the little lady is letting you fuss over her now, how about helping her tidy her hair a bit when you've finished? Seriously, very seriously, good work. Thank you for helping her on her way.

  2. If they mind getting their ankles bit, they will learn to be on time. Every bunny knows that's how it works. I just don't know how you can let them go after Fostering. I know I would end up with everyone and become a bunny hoarder.

    1. One trick is to take on more bunnies than you can cope with long term - that way you think "I don't want to take you back, but I really would like to start having my life back!" ;-)

      Seriously though, it can be tough. Much as you promise yourself from the outset to view them as someone else future family member you are looking after, they always find a way past your defences and deep into your heart. There's often one that bonds to you in some way and you just have to keep reminding yourself that you have your own bunnies and these guys need to go off and find their own family. [sigh]

    2. Sort of like sending your kids (human variety)off to college.

  3. I understand bunny hoarders.
    I want to hoard this girl. Look at those ears. I want to hoard Whiskey. And he has a great home!

  4. I would imagine with great difficult Jane and Brandi Don't you think you have a big enough family 4 bunnies ,2 dogs ,1 or is it 2 cats?and a baby possum,then theres the hubby and a son,xx Rachel