Friday 16 August 2013

Herbie Bunchomp

We've had a few really good days of weather now - a good mix of sunshine and rain. This has breathed new life into the foliage leaving all the plants, flowers and grass looking vibrant. It also means that the strip of grass that had been turned brown with territorial Whisky-wee, due to it's proximity to the run where the foster boys play, is now a luscious green again.

The only part of the garden that doesn't look rejuvenated after the more positive climes is the herbs. Of course, different plants respond to a different balance of things so one would expect different plants to flower or grow under different conditions. So while the grass looks great, for really successful growth it appears that the herbs haven't had the correct ratio of sun:rain:chomping.

"Look away - nothing to see here. Anymore."


  1. There is a sweet bunny there doing his best to restore the balance of nature.

  2. Might want to put that poor pot of herbs up to let it grow a bit before letting Chompy McNommerson there take another crack at it.
    My son was given a pretty bouquet of roses while in hospital and they started wilting, so I snipped off the heads at the stem and let the bunnies have them. I believe it was the first time they have had roses; they gobbled them up super fast.

  3. Another gorgeous Whisky fix,and Speedy is home a perfect friday!xx Rachel

  4. Whisky has the making of a great gardener with his herb-pruning skills.

  5. Too much Herby nom, nom!