Saturday 10 August 2013

Never Forgotten

My dear sweet Santa.

Today my memories of you fill my thoughts.

You were bright and friendly, bold and determined.

To me you were the perfect little friend and my floppy-eared child.

And to Jemima, our dear Jemima, you were the perfect companion.

I remember your bitter determination to communicate to me anything and everything you were thinking - you taught me more about bunnies than any book I read before or since.

Oh how I loved to watch you climb and explore, even when your complete lack of fear in the face of those seemingly impossible leaps across high places made me worry so.

Three years ago today you left this world, your life slipping away at just three and a half years old.

So today I will remember and think of you, even more so than I do every other day of the year.

And though I can no longer hold you in my arms, today I will hold you closer in my heart.

I miss you more than ever, my first and most special fluffy boy.

You will always be remembered.

My dear sweet Santa.


  1. Beautiful words that echo in the hearts of all of us who have lost beloved bunnies x

  2. "Thus all must fall. This hand of mine must fall,
    And lo! The other one: -- it is the law.
    But there is One who holds this falling
    infinitely softly in His hands, in Her hands."

  3. Rest in peace dear Santa. Thank you for teaching BHV all about bunnehs. x

  4. Good gracious, everything makes me cry anymore.

  5. no tears just fond memories of those who have crossed to play with the Angels while they wait for us to join them in play,xx Rachel

  6. B-H V, is that little notch in Santa's ear a result of your early attempt at a haircut? Bless him, he does seem determined to communicate. It is a good thing you two found each other.

  7. Dangit, my eyes are leaking again.

    Thinking lots of good thoughts for you and Santa.