Monday 11 May 2015

Friendly Faces

You may have seen sisters Oceana and Tethra on this blog before. Although they appeared together here, they were not actually a pair - around a week after that last photo they were partnered off with their brothers Pascal and Beachy. Happily they are not likely to be at the Rescue much longer as being young and healthy they are more likely to be picked by visitors, and in fact I believe at least one of the pairs was reserved over the weekend.

Their confidence and strong personalities also helps make them more appealing to visitors. When you open their houses to meet them you immediately discover that they are what you might call in-your-face bunnies!

"Oh, hello. And you are...?"

And that especially applies to Beachy and Tethra...

"Are there good snacks at your house?"

1 comment:

  1. These really are precious bunny pictures. Thank you for this blog. Please tell Whiskey to stay well for us. I can't do the math (Quid? What is a quid?), but maybe if you explained how many carrots 100 quid would buy? I don't know, just hoping.