Saturday 30 May 2015

The Breakfast Report

Feeding breakfast and dinner is a big responsibility at the Rescue. It's not just about stuffing tiny faces full of snacks, it is also about looking out for potential illnesses and injuries. Whereas families (hopefully) have time to spend with all of their bunnies every day, we have too many residents to achieve that so feeding time at the Rescue is the only time we can guarantee to interact closely with each and every one of ours. I don't have figures for it, but I would guess more than half of any health problems we find are picked up at mealtimes.

Another responsibility when doing breakfast is to let the next days volunteers know how much food is left in case they have to pick more up on the way in. The breakfast veg is delivered to the bunnies using this wheelbarrow: sometimes it is easier to just take a photo of what is in it at the end of the day...

...and the next days volunteer can judge how much veg they need to buy from that...

"I think it's safe to say that there will be no veg left for tomorrow."


  1. It's very generous of Archimedes to help you with your load of veggies.

  2. Photo shopped! Photo shopped, I say! You don't expect us to believe that the BCG of F was able to get into that wheel barrow by himself, do you? Really?

    1. That's his partner in crime nonchalantly hopping off into the distance in the first pic, maybe she helped him up!

    2. Nope. Nope. I think we are faced with a real mystery here. Aliens from outer space . . . yep, aliens from outer space . . . and a space ship equipped with serious hoisting gear.