Monday 18 May 2015

Mouf Off

"Did silly humans really compare us to those ridiculous Rexes Meadow and Stilton? The cheek! We has WAY cuter faces!"

"Oh really? Then perhaps you'd like to try your chances in a good old fashioned duel? Moufs at noon?"

"Ha ha! Easy! We has better moufs!"

"You think you can out-mouf us?"

"Bring it, velvet butt!"

"Kiss my moufs!"





" it a draw before our husbuns embarrass us any more?"


  1. They're all delightful and kissable (not that I actually would, I like my nose unnommed) .. but I fear Whisky holds the title of bestest mouf and cutest expression. They're good runner ups tho! <3

    1. He does! (But I wouldn't want to kiss that mouf either!)

  2. Meadows mouf is cutest - you have to admit it :D