Saturday 9 May 2015

RAW Porridge

It's Rabbit Awareness Week this week, starting today. This year focuses on "‪Room For Rabbits‬" (#‎RoomForRabbits‬) and improving the environment for the nation’s pet bunnies. But I'll come back to that in a second.

Today I was at the Rescue talking to Jill and Peter, two of our regular volunteers, about group bonds. It reminded me of the time I tried to get the dentally challenged trio of Spangle, Porridge and Sprat to bond with Whisky. It was ultimately a failure, though in retrospect, it was probably the nearest we ever got to a successful bond with him. They would all play in the garden at the same time without fighting, but if Whisky tried to interact directly with Porridge she would chase him off. Spangle wasn't much keener on him either. Sprat on the other hand was perfectly fine hanging out with Whisky, but he wasn't the one Whisky was after attention from.

Anyway, all this talk of them got me thinking of Porridge again. After the failed bond with Whisky they returned as a trio to live at the Rescue, but she very sadly passed away in February 2012, a day or so after having her incisors out. It always hurts deeper losing such a young bunny, especially when you've gotten to know them so well. It was a busy day today, and not an entirely happy one (there are several of our long-term sick residents who are not doing too well at the moment, especially poor Fariah), but thoughts of Porridge still lingered in my mind as I returned home. So it was a nice surprise when I fired up my computer to find that Best4Bunny have kicked off their celebration of RAW with this poster:

B4B are regular donors to RRR and in return this is one of our photo's that we gave them permission to use some time ago. It is nice to think that, just as I was remembering our dear Porridge, so much of the bunny community are sharing in the joy she brought as the poster is shared around social media.

Dear sweet Porridge. Although we miss you here, I have no doubt you and your sister are currently having a wonderful time tearing round the green grass by the Rainbow Bridge, showing all those other bunnies what a real binky should look like! Binky high, free and always you energetic little girl. x

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