Wednesday 13 May 2015

Whisky and the Vets: Episode 20150512

Yes, this is Whisky sticking his tongue out at me from underneath a chair, where he is less than keen to come out from after a trip to the vets yesterday. Because this can only mean one thing: A new medicine regime. Off ventolin (for now), back on eye drops (not had them for months), on piriton to address possible allergy issues (first time, should be interesting), still nebulising (he's still hating it), Sudocrem for his hocks and lastly Metacam for pain relief as and when it is needed. The next few days are no doubt going to be confusing and difficult while I get used to the new routine and Whisky resists it, but that's life really.

On the plus side...

Hurrah! Under a ton! (Only just.)


  1. Thank you for taking care of Whiskey. We are saying little prayers that this new regimen will really help. In the meantime that is a pretty cute tongue there. I hope he always uses it to resuscitate you after you are handed his vet bills.

  2. Poor Whisky and poor B-HV. But, I suppose, the healthier he is the stronger the protests, wiggles, thumps and general all around glares are.. which is a good thing, sorta!

    .. I'm also surprised Whisky couldn't find something worth 76p to pee on, gum or in general destroy on his way out. He must have been all tuckered.

    1. Now I think of it, the only reason the bill came in at under a hundred quid was because they were out of pill crushers. Maybe he wasn't listening to that part and thought I'd suffered enough..

  3. Well, seeing the bill leaves me with many different feelings - best to just breathe deep, pay and move forward! He is such a cutey.