Sunday 6 September 2015

All In A Day

I had a week away from work and the Rescue this week, my annual 'holiday', but having an awkward little fluff who can't be left or taken anywhere I never go far.

It was a wet miserable week so my loosely planned day trips were cancelled, along with plans of spending time in the garden repainting and fixing up the outdoor bunny accommodation while little ones played and snacked on the grass.

Today finally looks like being sunny so we might actually get outside, but the fosters and Whisky can't go out at the same time, so now I have the problem of trying to fit everybun's needs into one day...

"Let me out NOW. I NEED my BINKY space..."

"Oo, oo, can I go out and nom all the grass? And do some digging??!! And I want to race around as well!"

"Bring me some treats. Then get out of my sight so I can have a nap."

On second thoughts, maybe it will be easier to keep them all happy than I thought...

1 comment:

  1. lol Speedy has spent most of the day in the garden now he's tuckered out,xx Rachel