Wednesday 23 September 2015

Old Soldier's Eyes

We don't usually have posts about the same bunnies so close together, but Old Soldier is receiving special treatment today as he is not having the best week.

Last month there was a period when it looked like Old Soldier's time had come and he would leave us imminently, he wasn't moving about very much, often looked uncomfortable, his pain relief wasn't helping and his weight was dropping. But then he seemed to bounce right back. I'm not sure we know for sure what caused the dip, but his weight started to edge back up and he became livelier again (naps aside). However, soon after that he started having trouble with one of his eyes, it started weeping and changing colour. Despite treatment it quickly turned into a pretty severe infection inside his eyeball and at yesterdays follow up at the vets we were told he might need have it removed.

Of all the operations our bunnies go in for, this is the one that makes me the most nervous. So please spare a thought today for Old Soldier and wish him well. I will update you when we know more, but for now here is a photo of him in one of his livelier moments over the weekend:- he suddenly leapt in front of Cindy to intercept the piece of parsley I was about to give her in return for a photo!


  1. Re-reading this it occurs to me that it sounds like he is having the op today, so just to clarify:- Today: sympathy, fuss and treats. Next week(potentially): Op.

  2. Please do shower Old Shoulder with the big three, SFT. We, his devoted fans, will work on the "thoughts" part.

    The Following Content Is Not Approved For All Viewers.
    I have been reading a rash of histories, and it seems that in almost any period, it has been possible to rip out human eyes without killing the person who lost the eyes.

    1. Yuck!
      The trouble is, it's a serious operation and a big change for bunnies. And it's not like you can explain it to them. I guess them being prey animals having almost 360 degree sight to spot predators, they probably don't feel very safe when you take half of it away, the stress of not being able to see things approaching from one side must be significant.
      In incidents where we have lost bunnies after this op it has been where there was a tumour or abscess removed and there have been additional complications. Even so, with Old Soldiers age it will still be high risk, but believe me, if you saw it you would understand exactly why our vet thinks it will probably need to come out.

    2. I apologize for my "yuck" comment. Believe it or not, I was trying to cheer you up. Apparently, I am not good at this. We love your old bunn and want him to be well, but a bunny losing an eye is clearly going to be more complicated than I imagined.

  3. Oh poor old Solider. Our Daisy went blind in one eye - we never had it removed and she coped really well. The vet was never quite sure what caused it. If it is an infection though I can appreciate why it might need removing. Hope he bounces back again. He is in our prayers. Jennifer

  4. Poor ole guy. He obviously needs more treats and back rubs.. and some heat for his hips, and more treats for his tummy and..

    Hopefully all will be well and this handsome soul will bounce right back!