Sunday 27 September 2015

Wee Bobbit

Today I spent the afternoon at the Rescue, trying to fill out the set of photos I plan to present to Amy for her to choose the best ones for our next calendar. When I left the house, all the bunnies were in good moods and smiled as they waved their paws goodbye, happy in the knowledge that I was leaving them to their afternoon naps and even happier that I'd given them all a bonus treat on the way out. All was good in the house, so off I went.

Fast forward to this evening, when I arrived home to find foster bunny Bobbit in an uncomfortable looking position wedged with his butt pushed into the corner by the door, hyperventilating, wouldn't move, no interest in food and lying in a big patch of (presumably his) wee. We have had this before with him, despite lots of very expensive tests and scans we don't know what causes it but as usually happens thankfully, as I write this it seems to be passing. I am sure my feelings of stress and anxiety will too at some point...

So with all that stress and with being at the Rescue today, I'm afraid I didn't get any new photos of Whisky today for his regular Sunday spot. Instead, here is one from last month of the stress-inducing foster bunny in a healthier (if somewhat chubbier) moment...

"Don't look at me like I ate all the carrots. Even if I did, in fact, ate all the carrots. Erm...allegedly."


  1. Later when I cleaned out their litter tray I found some strung-together and odd-shaped poo, plus there was wee in other non-litter tray parts of the room so clearly something had been up, but by bedtime he was 90 percent back to normal.

  2. Thank you for taking such kindly care of the bunns, B-HV. And to come home to absolute terror, it's not right, but I have wondered if it counts as aerobic exercise. Double thanks. You can tell the little scamp that it will be okay if he stays healthy. Actually, just tell him we hope he feels 100% soon, and that we are sorry he felt bad.

    1. Thanks - he was pretty much back to normal this morning, the only difference being that he was extra cautious of coming near me for fear of being grabbed for another health check. Cautious until he heard the snacks rattle anyway...

  3. Letting go of the past is generally considered a good thing, but shouldn't the little guy have mulled it over just a bit.

  4. He couldn't have eaten ALL the carrots.. there's still some at the store, after all. He'll be happy to help you fix that problem, though.

    Glad to hear he's doing betters. Here's to him being betters for a long time!