Sunday 13 September 2015

Sofa So Good

I don't know what it is about fabric-covered foam that reminds Whisky of litter trays, but whenever he jumps up on a sofa I always keep a close eye on him. I think he's now made the association in his brain that this generates instant attention and since my attention often leads to snacks, deliberately uses it to make me come running...

"What? I'm just up here to get a better view of the birds in the garden! But since you're here, you can open the back door for me then go start on dinner."


  1. You know Whiskey could really use some counseling about this bird thing.

  2. I found I had to steam clean my couch to get the scent of whatever was irritating Sage off it .. then she stopped using it as a toilet. NO idea what scent it was.. but once it was gone, she was happy again.

    Or Whisky is just trying to help you spend more time on your feet fetching treats.

    1. I might give the sofa cleaning a go tomorrow as I have a massive bunny-space clean planned. However, this just seems to be a thing with Whisky. When there was a bed in his room, he used the soft pillows etc as a litter tray. When he had a comfy cat bed, he used that as a litter tray. When he is relaxing on the sofa with me, he uses the sofa (and me) as a litter tray. And if he is napping on the sofa, he will wake up and wee in the corner before setting off on his next adventure (or more sleep). I did wonder if it is something to do with him sleeping in his litter tray at certain times of the day and when he happens to be somewhere else napping at those times he just does the same without thinking.

  3. I'm telling you now, and I have absolutely no doubt about this, he is trying to train me to the point where I can be controlled like a radio-controlled toy merely by using very subtle movements of his right ear.

  4. B-HV, that train has already left the station. Thanks for all you do for bunns and this wonderful blog. We could use a few more radio-controlled toys like you.