Tuesday 22 September 2015

The Illusory Passing of Parsley

"If you think about it, the very nature of parsley is transient. From seed to growth to harvest to bowl to litter tray, all in such a short space of time. The impermanence is almost built in, it whisks through existence right into nothingness so quickly, so quickly in fact that you may as well have nothing in that bag. It appears to us so fleeting that one can barely grasp it before it is gone. Yeah, give that some thought."

"Oh, and by the way? While you were thinking about it I ate all your parsley."


  1. Dear, Samosa, Trasience is the illusion. All existence is forever. Think about that as some volunteer you've dazzled walks off to get more parsley. Why have we not met you before, my philosophically inclined beauty?

    1. I was surprised to discover there were no posts tagged with her name, she is a character. My only explanation is that maybe
      (a) I forgot to tag her or
      (b) because she is so full of energy and has dark fur I don't ever get decent photos of her plus
      (c) she was fostered for a bit

      Her ear was featured in this post: