Friday 25 September 2015

Smells Like Second Place


  1. Poor Jellybean. Maybe she will get the food pellet tomorrow. I am surprised that Shady has not rushed in and decried these treatment. She is always there for Whiskey. Maybe if we all sent some money in for food, and maybe flowers and balloons for Old Soldier while he is in the hospital?

    1. Jellybean (left) ALWAYS gets the pellet because at the first sniff of snacks she always grumps up and chases Blinky away (via some enthusiastic humping) until they are in her mouf. Blinky rarely gets a look in! Sure, she LOOKS like the sweet one but I assure you she isn't!! Blinky is lovely though.

  2. I got their names mixed up. I usually check the links before I comment, but didn't this time. Blinky is lovely, but Jellybean is clearly a bossy-pants, and this is not the first time you have caught her not sharing snacks, but she claimed to be hypnotizing you. Why can't rationalizing be rational? I mean, you are the one who knows all about bunnies.