Sunday 20 September 2015


Nebulising is part of our daily routine, most days Whisky accepts it as long as there are extra snacks after. But that doesn't mean I don't get the odd accusing glare...

"And that's me all nebulised for today is it? We're done? Only I was just wondering exactly when it will be YOUR turn to go in the box while I gawp at YOU from the comfort of the outside?"


  1. You, know, the ungrateful little mini-cad is looking good. You don't have to gawp, though.

  2. I dunno - that's kind of a sad puppy look.. or the bunny equivalent. Obviously he's tortured and abused at every turn. Has to share his garden with BIRDS of all things, never gets enough treats, isn't allowed to wee wherever he likes.. Oh the bunanity!

  3. I stand corrected, Shady. You are absolutely right about all of that. What I should've said, what I meant to say, was that he looks healthy.