Saturday 1 June 2013

Binky Day 2013

Does anyone know what happened to Binky Day this year?  It was 1st June last year and I thought it was intended to be an annual thing but I've not seen much about it.

As you may remember, Whisky was one of the Official Binky Bunnies for the event last year and his picture was used in the RWAF press release.  The picture I took for them was produced on demand as he was predictably crazy in the garden last summer and it was easy to capture.  Not so this year as these days with the longer grass he's too busy nomming it to leap about!

Well anyway, since we intend to celebrate Binky Day every year, we knocked up this effort from one of the other pictures from last time that we didn't use.

Happy Binky Day!


  1. Thats a great Photo!,we hadn't heard anything either!

  2. Always so heartwarming to see bunnies joyful and free.