Tuesday 25 June 2013

Houdini, That's Who!

Congratulations to all our readers that spotted who yesterdays bunny was! It was of course our very special Houdini Bunny!

Houdini was one of the bunnies resident during my first year volunteering at the Rescue. I also remember Caroline leaving a couple of us in charge of the Rescue one day and, perhaps not surprisingly, Houdini was the first bunny who ever escaped on us after slipping past Helen as she opened his gate. He didn't get that name for nothing you know!

If you are still wondering why I thought you might recognise him, here's another photo from 2008:

That's right - along with Megan and Whisky, Houdini is the only other bunny who is here every day! And if you STILL don't get why you should recognise him then I can only guess you only ever access the blog on your mobile device - check out the full blog website and all will become clear!


1 comment:

  1. Aren't all bunnies a bit of a Houdini I know Speedy is!Hello Houdini you handsome fellow!