Wednesday 26 June 2013

The Good Grass

Something very exciting happened this week. If you are a bunny. In my house.

Because, finally, after months of low quality dried grass, our local pet store finally got in a fresh new batch of tasty, new-season ReadiGrass!

Seriously, it's crazier than when kids hear the ice cream jingle or someone dumps cash out of a helicopter. I put a tiny handful in the little ones litter tray while they were having their breakfast and they abandoned their tasty pellets to dive headfirst into it.

Whisky of course is older and more sensible. He didn't wait for it to reach his litter tray.


"Quicker next time, OK? Gotta nom me some grass!!!"


  1. Wish we could get ReadiGrass here in the States. Whisky looks like he has set aside all his dignity for a nom. Must be great.

  2. my bunnies once got to a new bag and ate through quite lot and strew the rest all over carpet,they love it!!!

  3. Well, thank goodness for older and more sensible!

  4. Hehehe speedy is a bit like that given half the chance,I do love Whisky he reminds me so much of my first bunny,he was a character like Whisky and a bit of a rascal too!