Tuesday 18 June 2013

Top and Bottom

So there I am, having taken the day off work to rest my mouth, slouched virtually horizontally on the sofa when I suddenly feel a nudging at my arm. I look down and there's my little fluffy boy seeking some attention (or, more likely, snacks). I feel suddenly cheered as he hops up onto my stomach, plonks himself down and looks at me adoringly. Cheered, that is, until he hops off revealing the trail of bottom goo he's left across my sweatshirt. Ho hum, just another day with my digestively-challenged little Whisky. [sigh]

"What? How was I supposed to know those were clean clothes, they all smell of me!"


  1. You're gonna miss that bottom goo someday, though. Sweet goopie Whiskey...

  2. hehehe happens all the time some sort of bunny mess be it poop or fluff

  3. Double your pleasure! (Trouble comes in threes.)