Saturday 22 June 2013

New Arrival: Currant

Meet one of our latest arrivals, a pretty Dutch doe named "Currant". As with many of our rabbits, Currant arrived with a story!
Once upon a time in a land really not very far away at all, a family went to a pet shop and bought a baby Dutch rabbit. Their rabbit was a little boy which they named Alfie and they kept him in a small single storey hutch. It was in this little hutch he stayed, never let out, until a friend of the family came around and asked about him. "He can't be handled at all" they said. The kind friend offered to take him home and they agreed.

In his next home he was renamed Charlie was moved to a 4ft double story hutch and allowed to romp around the garden. He was also allowed to run around the house he left little "currants" on the floor. He was nicknamed "Charlie Currant Pants". This home also had 2 cats and Charlie wanted to play with them. He would always follow the cats around and lay near them. The new owner soon realised that Charlie needed to be bonded to another rabbit and she didn't have to time to look after a pair of rabbits, so the second owner contacted Rabbit Residence and we took him in.

When Charlie arrived at the rescue he went to Caroline's office for a health check. This is when we discovered that he was a girl! We named her Currant after her old nickname of Charlie Currant Pants. Currant passed her healthcheck and went to hop around the floor of Caroline's office. She then decided that she'd had enough of exploring the floor and jumped onto Caroline's lap...then Caroline's shoulder...
...then Caroline's back! 
She sat on Caroline's back for about 10 minutes checking out the office and her new surroundings. Then she hopped down onto the chair where she had a rest!

With a character like that, I'm sure you'll be hearing more about the antics of this little girl in the near future! Big thanks to Amy for the snaps!


  1. My old Boy Thumper used to do that and he was a Black and White Dutchie!!Currant is adorable

  2. Dutchie's can be a bit funny about being handle at first It takes time and Patience with them but when they come around they are very loving and loyal,xx

  3. I'm sorry the Atlantic Ocean separates us, or I'd be running to your rabbit rescue to take Current home.She is special.