Monday 24 June 2013

Guess Who?

A very special elderly bunny has come back to the Rescue. If you are a regular reader of this blog he should look very familiar - comment below if you think you know who this delightful character is!


"Wait - I'm who now? I've got myself all turned around again."


  1. oh I can't remember brain block!but he does look familiar,why has a gorgeous bun like this come Back?

    1. As I understand the situation, after several years of wedded bliss to his second(?) wife Panda, his yearning for athletic bedroom antics suddenly increased to the point he was making her ill with stress. (We think he may have some sort of bunny-dimentia.) After nursing Panda back to full health and exhausting other avenues to mend the situation, it was decided that the best thing for them would be to go their separate ways and find new partners. So Panda is getting a new husbun and going back to her family, but as they do not have room for two pairs this guy is staying with the Rescue.

  2. You all are really amazing. Things fall apart and you just figure out what to do next. As I said, amazing. Thank you.

  3. He is a lovely chap and I cleaned him out yesterday, thankfully he didn't live up to his name ;)

  4. Having revealed the identity of this little guy on todays post I have now added the label for his name to this post. (Just in case you are reading this afterwards and wondering why I would be asking you to guess who a bunny is when they have a label!)