Tuesday 4 June 2013

Unusually Scully

Owing to a slight technical fault, in that I planned to do something last night and then knocked a large glass of water all over my desk and gave up and went to bed instead, there was no post ready for this morning.  Sorry about that - if you are anything like me then I know some of you will like to start your day catching up with the bunnies of the blog-o-verse, it can be quite disappointing when those adorable little faces aren't there to stare back at you over your cereal/newspaper/first-drink-of-the-day when you fire up the morning intehwebs.

It turns out I am not inspired enough to be able to interpret bunny hilarity at 8am, but that's OK, because instead I can share this with you.

Mulder and Scully are quite nervous bunnies when it comes to people.  Consequently, the best pictures I can usually get of them are during breakfast and even then they usually look grumpy about having the camera pointed at them.  So Saturday I was pleasantly surprised (i.e. lucky) to capture this great natural looking pic of Scully, momentarily distracted by what Mulder was doing off camera.

From now on: MUGS of water (harder to knock over) only...


  1. I could just snorgle the floof off that Scully.And you are correct. I do need my dose of bunnies during the day. Keeps me sane.