Friday 28 June 2013

Tail End of the Week


  1. That little furry butt is just begging to be stroked!

  2. I just got to read yesterday's post. All was marvelously funny. Thanks everyone (including commentators) for all you do and being funny, too. What about naming bunnies after places in Oklahoma? Norman? Or this great geological formation Turner Falls? Red, related to Red River? Anyway, just trying to gently bring up the subject of the whereabouts of the the volunteer who took the bunnies for there checkup. I know in one instance some like lambies just followed on another into their carriers. I hope all goes as well this time, but I was detecting a few of the traits associated with adolescence yesterday. Anyway, good luck.

    1. We postponed the check-up-and-naming appointment in the end as it was supposed to happen along with another even that was rained off. They still got their weekly check-up from me though - I'm their daddy (for now) so they very trustingly let me pick them all up one at a time for checking, weighing, brushing etc. with no complaints. I'm sure that won't last though!
      We've had a Norman:
      We've just had ANOTHER set of babies handed in tho so I bet those Texas town names from Brandi will get used up pretty quickly - any other great name suggestions appreciated!

  3. Thank you so much for your loving care of the bunns and the amazing good nature that accompanies it.

  4. That ought to get us through the week end OK ... I'll be brighter eyed and bushier tailed then!

  5. Norman Conquest? I certainly hope that there was no further trouble in paradise, and the reconciled couple are happily settled in their forever home.