Tuesday 24 December 2013

2 Wet 2 Windy 2 Wooly

Well this morning was exciting - I stepped out into the garden with Whisky only to discover part of the fence down, blown over in last nights blustery weather. Curious though he was at this sight of extra space, I think his survival instincts kicked in because he decided not to go bounding straight into this as-yet-undiscovered country. So we had a very short and stressful playtime in the garden until I convinced him snacks indoors was a far more interesting adventure.

One temporary fix later and the garden enclosed again, Neroli still wasn't too impressed. Something about being super-floofy in the wind and water-logged garden…

"I know I suggested coming out here but… New plan - Sofa, Muppet Christmas Carol, warm carrot malt. Sound good?"


  1. We Had a fence loose too,merry Christmas to you all!xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Sounds a plan, Neroli. Happy Christmas to you, Whisky, B-HV, Aunty Jane, Speedy and everyone else.... and special Christmas wishes to all at the rescue. And may all those sad little bunnies sitting forgotten at the bottom of people's gardens find new loving homes in 2014.

    1. Thanks Jo! Happy Xmas to you and all of yours from Whisky and me! x

  3. Merry Christmas BHV, Whiskey, Neroli, and all the super fuzzy wunnies at the rescue!
    Smooches to the Bunnies!

  4. The little lady knows how to plan a day, take the reins in her own hands. Folks this is contingency planning at it's best...you know? Accompanied with the self-admission...Happy Christmas everybody. "May your days be be Merry and Bright" ...and may all your fences be upright!