Friday 13 December 2013

Always Greener


  1. thats because it hasn't been nommed on or trappled on,enjoy little one,xx Speedy

  2. Amarillo looks a little young to be making blanket assertions like that. Do I detect another cast member in the background? Perhaps a more experienced bunny misdirecting the one of tender years for some sinister purpose like getting all the treats this side? Well, if any bunny were truly unhappy at Rx3, Godzilla bunny has ripped the gate down for them.

    1. I don't think his friends are any older (I can't remember how old he is). As you have clearly forgotten [;-)], Amarillo is partner to Texas' kids Hawaii and Whitesock. Remember:

    2. Mashed bananas, carrot tops! Oh, please excuse my language. I have picked up some dreadful expressions, and bunnies are to blame. How could I have forgotten "Sister-pact"? So are Hawaii and Whitesock still conspiring? Maybe Amarillo just does this to make them think he isn't listening to every word they say?

  3. Lord Have Mercy, I got George Strait on my mind...
    Amarillo by mornin'
    Up from San Antone
    EveryBun that I got
    Is Disapprovin' on...

    Amarillo, mi corazon, the grass is always greener on another continent. I can pick you up in Burke Burnett!

  4. ...Always. Always. Always!!!!