Sunday 22 December 2013

The Cable Try

So it turns out the memory card slot in my laptop has stopped reading the cards from my camera. It's quite straight forward taking the card out of the camera and sticking it in the laptop, which is why I transfer files that way, whereas my camera has a flimsy, fiddly plastic panel covering the slot where you can connect it by cable. So using the cable to connect the camera to the computer is risking broken bits of camera and grumpiness. Assuming I can find where I put the cable of course.

Oh well, while I figure out what to do about that, here's todays cable-transferred picture of Whisky.

"Did you say cable? I know I don't have incisors, but would you mind if I had a quick chew? I've heard it can be quite fun!"


  1. Seems to be a physical thing. It's quite tricky, but I just discovered that if I stick the card in and wiggle it in just the right direction… Not sure how long that's going to work though!

  2. Ah, art is all, all is art! The agony, the ecstasy, the magic wiggle! Now I think, in the spirit of the season, your selflessness should kick in here, and you should do whatever it takes to keep Whiskey from being the one who ends up being grumpy.

  3. Eep! Looooooove this picture! Classic bun.