Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Saturday Update

I promised you an update yesterday, forgetting I was going to be away from a computer all day, so apologies for the delay.

Neroli's dental went ahead Friday morning. It turned out she did have sharp tooth spurs at the back where they were difficult to spot until she was under anaesthetic. They had damaged her tongue and gums, causing her pain and explaining why she wasn't eating. The vet removed the spurs and she is now recovering at Caroline's house, where she is being syringe fed and receiving proper care. It looks like these issues in Neroli's mouth are likely to be an ongoing thing, so now we just need to decide on how we manage them in future.

I am sad to say that Caroline did have to say goodbye to our dear Rocket Friday evening. I don't think there is another rabbit in the history of our Rescue that has had such a reputation as Rocket. Whether they sought him out to give him attention or gave him a wide berth hoping not to be the subject of his attention, I think all our volunteers loved him in their own way. The Rescue is not going to be the same without him, his death has left a big hole in all our hearts.


  1. Oh no!Binky Free Little Rocket you were our favorite Rebel!you are in our thoughts and Prayers everyone,and we wish Neroli a speedy recovery,xx Rachel

  2. "My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today. "
    What happens to his Peppa Pig throne, now? It will be tough to find a bunny worthy of it...

  3. Binky free rocket,; ( I have the scar on my thigh and finger to remember u by

  4. A great little spirit has joined The Great Spirit. It doesn't make ant sense to say I will miss an indelible bunny, but it is true. I am pretty sure the Cosmos is going to start looking up with Rocket policing the joint. There is now a bunny in high places to let the All know what is what. I am usually not into authoritarianism so much, but this is an Alpha Bunny with a lot to contribute. Sweet tough guy, I will remember you until the Omega. Thank you for loving him and caring for him.

  5. I am so sad to hear about Rocket :( My first time on this blog had a Rocket post and that's how I fell in love.

    Binky free, lil' dude! You will be missed.

    Also, sending Neroli lots of feel-well and binky vibes!

    1. Thanks Lalis. Rocket was a very, very special little guy.