Friday 20 December 2013

Sitting Comfort


  1. Has Neroli been walking on the floor? Is this Whiskey's last undesecrated refuge? Is he getting ready to pounce on her when she comes out of hiding? Those little skunks (and no, we are not afraid to call it the way we see it) better be taking their medicines, getting better, and showing you a little gratitude. Hey, Bunny Skunks, Skunky Bunnies, the Dude needs some gratitude! B-HV, I hope I am not raising any unrealistic expectations here.

    1. The floor downstairs is safe, Neroli hasn't figured out the stairs yet.
      As for medicines, Neroli is off hers for now, Whisky's aren't working completely and are making him feel a bit off. It's not been a great week for him.

  2. Our poor W. Many prayers for him! Neroli has figured out the stairs, she is just waiting for the right moment to show her hand....