Sunday 29 December 2013

The Scrappy Chappy and the Fluffy Stuffy

We had a little incident on Friday night. Whisky and Neroli seemed to be hanging out together fine with a mesh barrier between them so I allowed them into the same space to see if Neroli would be less violent now she knows him better. Big mistake. I don't know if it is her character or whether the space wasn't neutral enough, but she didn't so much go for the "I'm gonna dominate you" stance as (once again) the "I'm gonna rip your ears off" one. She latched on with her teeth and went nuts. A few seconds later there was a lot of Whisky's blood all over Whisky, me and the house. In case you've not experienced this before, rabbit ears bleed a lot.

Well anyway, no permanent damage luckily, just a few tooth shaped wounds, but it's got me thinking I probably don't have the stomach to risk it with Neroli again. Much as it saddens me seeing him alone, I might have to give up on the idea of bonding him until we get another girl at the Rescue so eager to find a friend she will be more friendly and less chompy! In the meantime, I've added another member to his little gang to try and cheer him up…

"She doesn't say much, but then she doesn't seem to want to steal my breakfast, so that's cool. But she looks a bit thin, so she'll be needing double portions of snacks in her bowl…"


  1. oh poor Whisky,Speedy say's never mind mate its her loss and any way she will only nagg your ears off and who needs that?xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Sorry to hear about the latest altercation but I love Whisky's new floppy eared friend. Double portions all round!

  3. Poor baby boy. And poor Neroli, too. What did that little girl go through to make her so violent?
    You could always try bonding him with another boy. He could use a buddy. Try a newly neutered baby bunny.

  4. This is just so mysterious. I don't understand bonding at all. I have heard that the girls have very definite ideas about the way they expect the boys to behave, and that when a young bunn comes calling he can expect to get slapped around a bit, but the lady really does protest too much. I don't understand, but I want them both to have bunny friends. Thank you for reminding us how incredibly dangerous this process can be. I am sorry you had such a traumatic Friday. Please don't give up on them.

  5. Mr. Mick says does are nothin' but trouble, and Whisky is better off as a bachelor bun--and he seconds the idea of double portions as well.