Thursday 5 December 2013

Day Off

I was going to have a day off from the blog today as I am feeling stressed about all the bunny issues we are having this week. I will hopefully be in a better frame of mind to fill you in tomorrow, but it didn't seem fair to leave you with no post today, so to keep us all going here's a random picture I just found of Megan and (a much younger looking) Whisky. This is them enjoying the garden back in 2009 while I was fostering them.


  1. Don't worry, BHV. Worry changes nothing, only shortens our lives.
    Look at our Whisky! What happened to Megan?

    1. Megan died under anaesthetic having a dental not much more than a week after I properly adopted them. Neroli is in having a dental with the same vet. Even though they've done many dentals with our rabbits before and since, it still makes me very nervous. :-(

  2. Dear BH-V, You have always lovingly given your best to the bunnies and to educating us about bunnies. Live in that lovingness. The bunnies appreciate that your concern for them has led you to educate yourself about risks and that you take your responsibilities seriously, but they want you to smile, stroke their soft delicate ears, be amazed by their bunniness. Live in this circle of lovingness, do not wander out of it because of what Brandi said and because it is a betrayal of the gift of bunn. Snuggle into happy memories, be blessed by your time with bunnies, think of how you will continue to help them. All of that is your mission, do not let yourself be destroyed by the anguish. Let's pretend RLS also said, "If you do not dismiss the anguish, you will desecrate the love and the joy." Our stress makes us unworthy, forgetful of who we are, what we are to do, what we have been given. Now, go pet a bunn for me, please.

  3. Whisky seems to be saying "Foster? Does he know that I refuse to be a foster?? Do I have to straighten dis foo' human out?"

    While Megan, "I think I sniff parsley."

    "Okay, we'll sort him out after the parsley."

  4. two gorgeous buns,fingers crossed,xx Rachel