Saturday 10 October 2015

Big Sleep, Little Amy

Now that I'm volunteering at the Rescue less, I will inevitably be posting some photos long after they were taken. I can't see too many issues with that, it's not like I am going to forget the little conversations and incidents that accompanied them!

Take today's photo of our roaming gardeners for example. What this photograph CLEARLY demonstrates is that Archimedes is SO BIG that Amy's miniature clone can stand on him without even waking him up, though that does cause Boadicea to cover her ears just in case he does yelp.

Yup, nailed it. Memory:- sharp as a tack. Now, can anyone remember where I put my shoes...


  1. I think you'll find Whisky hid your shoes until you find some treats for him.

    Poor Archimedes.. I don't think that was the kind of back massage he was looking for.

    1. He often throws them round the lounge, I wouldn't be at all surprised!

  2. Replies
    1. I am sorry. You are a very young man, but I have learned from my personal experience that it is really the first place to look.