Wednesday 7 October 2015

The Poo Fairy

Hello Everyone!

Obviously you know the big news that BHV, who has been a major part of the Rescue's team, has decided to reduce his role. Naturally his help will be very much missed, with the double blow that his wonderful blog will not be as filled with his own masterpieces because of it. Unfortunately for you guys, that means you get me popping up now and then and I cannot promise either his fancy photography or his humorous wit!

I should start by introducing myself. I am the current Animal Care Assistant at the Rescue, so apart from the founder and manager Caroline, I’m on site the second longest time of anyone. So, what is it I do? Aside from helping Caroline in various tasks like ferrying bunnies about or occasional food and water, my biggest and greatest task is being the Poo Fairy, where I wave my magic wand (aka dustpan and brush…) and wage war on the neverending forces of our constant nemesis, the Active Rabbit Digestive System*.

Of course, not everyone is happy about that…

Gnnnnghh! I just got my house just the way I wanted it!!”

(* Naturally I'm joking... a non-active digestive system is far more worrying a thing, although if you could teach them how to flush afterwards I'd be a) very happy and b) probably unemployed...)


  1. Welcome to the insanity that is the rabbit .. er, rabid, followers of this blog!

  2. Welcome to blogging - So glad you have taken over as I really look forward to seeing the gorgeous buns each day. What better way to start than with Honour. Being a poo fairy to lots of buns is a wonderful thing and a very important job. I would love to be near the rescue to help out - so I will just have to admire from afar.

  3. Possibly the only photo in existence of Honour with her head up the right way! Top stuff! (Even when I've tried to tempt her head upright with tasty treats she still eats them with her head over!)

  4. Oh, I have several of "normal" Honour, you've even seen one before lol

    Thanks for the welcome :)