Thursday 29 October 2015

The Distraction Desnacktion

"If you humans think you're so much cleverer than us bunnies, then answer me this: If a train leaves New York heading West, travelling at 100mph, and another leaves Santa Monica at the same time heading East, travelling at 120mph, and the distance from coast to coast is approximately 2800 got that? OK, OK then, here's the what point will the dumb human notice that Jubilee sneaked up behind them and ate all the snacks out of their bucket? See? Bunnies: much cleverer."


  1. We mere humans were never meant to try and out-wit sneaky bunny wits.

  2. But, it's not fair Jubilee was traveling at 100 miles per hour, 2800 mph, no, no, it was 120 mph. They aren't all that much cleverer. They are just faster. That's all, faster.