Wednesday 21 October 2015

The Watcher

Working with rabbits produces a number of surprises, from intakes that are “definitely a girl”, to suddenly falling in or out of love for no apparent reason, to that moment when you turn around and the rabbit watching you from the next aviary is not the round black one you were expecting.

It's not often I see one of the rescue's real wildies. While the hand-reared trio are often out and about, the girls who are bonded to domestic rabbits have a tendency to disappear at the drop of a hat and hide all day. To turn around and have Odyssey not only in the open but actually allowing me to take photos of her (albeit at a distance) was a pleasing moment and I hope it wasn't a one off!

I don't know why you are acting like that, I do live here too you know.”


  1. This is quite wonderful, B-HV. It can only be that you have won the lady's favour. I know you've seen how assiduously bunnies study the way humans treat other bunnies. Well done, you have earned this.

    1. If only! This was a Pandoren post, the only thing I get from Odyssey is a glare that says "Why are you rolling carrot pieces at me? I'm over here specifically to avoid you!"

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    3. Well, I'll take it as a compliment- both the original post and the fact that apparently I pass for you! Most of the time I see Odyssey is when I'm cleaning out and find a brown ball in the hutch that suddenly shoots out like a bullet from a gun. For some reason that morning she was quite happy to have an amble around and she certainly knew I was there.

  2. Well - they are fickle. And have their own logic.