Tuesday 6 October 2015

Tuesday Tail #54

It's that time of year again when I find myself spending many hours trawling my photo library from the past 12 months looking for shots I think might print well enough to appear in the calendar. Lots of stress and pressure to pick out photos that people might like, photos that are in focus, photos with a good balance of colour and, by some miracle (because it's bunnies), a complete absence of poo.

When I started looking I discovered once again that I have taken lots of photos I like that are the wrong shape for the calendar (portrait rather than landscape). This, like previous years, sent me into a panic and triggered two extra Sundays at the Rescue taking hundreds more (mostly very poor) photos. This also involved lots of standing in binky areas waving my fists at the sky cursing the Sun God for ruining all my shots with unsightly shadows. But no fear, I did get a few extra photos to present to Amy ready for her to choose her twelve. Once more I can relax. At least until she next emails me with feedback...

One pair of residents we really wanted to include were Archimedes and Boadicea. They are such a feature of the Rescue, it wouldn't seem right to have a calendar without at least one of them this time round, but again, no suitably oriented photos. So I took a few and I thought this one came out the best:

But then I figured maybe turning over to a new month to be faced with a carrot-fattened butt might not be what people buy the calendar for. Oh well, there's always the 2017 calendar Archimedes - you might have learned to pose the other way round by then!


  1. Any month of mine would be immeasurably improved by this photo, but as I said, "My life is over." Anyone whose life is not over might abandon sun god cursing in favor of the Archimedes life style. Really, you know everything is going to be great.

  2. I think it's a great and whimsical shot .. but yes, not necessarily Archimedes' best side.. :)

  3. any side of Archimedes is just adorable

  4. This could be a good picture for Hock-tobre. :)