Tuesday 29 May 2012

Cashmere Girls Meet Cashmere Boy

We always favour house-rabbit homes for Cashmere buns. After just a few days outside at the Rescue, these girls will happily show you why - they look like they've been dragged backwards through the proverbial hedge.

[Mental note: must add "Cashmere combing" to regularly scheduled tasks at the Rescue.] Whinnie's former partner Kanga doesn't seem to mind how they look and so far he is enjoying having two new young friends to play with. Not that there's much playing - in this heat and with all that fur it's mostly lounging.

"Yes, my new friends are very sweet. Like the iced tea I ordered an hour ago...service?"


  1. I think the Dishevelled/First Thing In The Morning Look is quite endearing!

  2. *SQUEE*! FUZZIES! SO cute! I just wish I lived closer do I could volunteer for combing detail (...and de-ears, and de-sides, and de-front as well. ;) )