Wednesday 23 May 2012

Not Going Out

Well, it's official. I've broken Sushi. After last weeks incident with noisy neighbourhood birds, he has had enough of the outdoors. The last few days I have tried to get him out in the garden, but while Serena will happily be outside enjoying the fresh grass, Sushi refuses to go out of the back door. Tuesday he spent about an hour moving between two positions - he'd either climb on my lap to peer nervously out, or he'd go and hide behind the sofa.

"I don't care if those flappy, screechy crooners are gone, I'm fine right here thanks!"

Well, at least I know what this weeks project is. Any suggestions for alleviating "avian aversion syndrome" in bunnies? Ear muffs and a big hat? Hmmm...


  1. what a little poppet he is.....

  2. I hear bunny scarves are all the rage to make the cutest of bunnies feel secure and dashing.. :)

    But otherwise.. I'd probably just leave the door open and let his natural curiosity take over.. :)

    ( for the scarf reference. Poor Speedy's Mum. :D )

  3. Lorna what mischief making are you upto now?just back from vacation too!