Friday 11 May 2012


Norman and Pompom, a pair of French lops apparently dumped in a church-yard, were found and handed in to us several months back. It is hard to understand why anyone would part with this pair, because they are so beautiful, unbelievably friendly and absolutely crammed full of character.

Not surprising then that so many volunteers and visitors wanted to take them home. In fact, if I thought Whisky would allow it, they'd already be living with me! But providing a big enough living space, having the confidence and experience to handle such large yet fragile creatures, it was always going to be tough for any applicant to assure us that they were completely suitable to take them on. But now, that perfect family has been found. Things were moving forward and we were just about ready to re-home them, when Norman decided to throw a spanner in the works.

You see, it's not just Pompom and people that Norman likes to be friendly with - he also likes sharing his love with all the other rabbits at the Rescue. No matter where we put him, he always finds a way to get over the fences and into the neighbours warren. And if there is one thing he really should have learned by now it is that they really don't want him there.

But it turns out that it's not the neighbours that he needs to worry about - it's his jealous wife.

Though his excursions have cost him the odd scratch or lost tuft of fur, this somewhat more serious damage to his ear was part of the retribution from Pompom for his straying. She was absolutely furious - had Caroline not separated them, I am sure it would have been much worse.

So after a stressful stay at the vets having wounds stitched up, which also helped re-bond them, we are moving Norman and Pompom again. This time to the only warren we have with no immediate neighbours. Now we are just hoping they will stay contained and snuggly long enough for Norman to heal so they can go to their new home!


  1. Those French men .. Tsk! Must be a lot of work keeping him in line for one little Pompom.. :)

    Funny thing is, the other bunny Norman I know of, is also a wandering man. In his case its he just wants to wander around the cul-de-sac and give his Mom grey hares. (So to speak.)

  2. I don't blame Madame Pompom one bit for being angry; straying hubby comes home reeking of other buns and carrotinis, how dare he? If it were my hubby, I'd be boxing his ears, too. Let's hope M'sieur Norman has learned his lesson and stays in his own pen from now on.