Wednesday 30 May 2012

Together is Better

So the reason I didn't have a blog post ready for you this morning was that I didn't get back from the Rescue until late last night and had, like, zero energy. Couldn't even lift my arms to wave them in the direction of the keyboard. And all I'd really done was clean one shed (for Sushi and Serena) and completed about eighty percent of the evening routine (water and food) to cover Caroline who was late back from a re-homing. Took me three hours. No wonder Caroline rarely stops moving when you talk to her, if she did she'd still be doing the Monday tasks come Thursday. Anyway, enough of my complaining.

Being there for dinnertime, I did have the pleasure of witnessing yesterdays featured buns all sharing snacks together and OH-MY-THEY-ARE-SO-FREAKIN-CUTE!!!!!!!

I mean, seriously, this picture doesn't even come close to capturing how floofilicious they are together. I totally had to sit down after to let a serious case of the gigglysquees subside...


  1. Kanga must feel the bees-knees bookended as he is by those delightful little fluffballs.

  2. love it,lots of furballs munching together you can't beat it!