Tuesday 15 May 2012

Most Wanted

Let's get something straight. Every single bunny at the Rescue is absolutely amazing and you would be crazy not to want them in your family. Every single one of them. Fact.

But before they visit and discover that, the only thing people wanting bunnies really have to go on is the pictures and brief descriptions found on RabbitRehome and our website. So when we get a bunny that looks extra-utterly-snorglicious in their profile pic it is not that surprising that suddenly half of our adoption enquiries are for the same bunny.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to the bunny causing a stir this month. Her name is Lotty and she is looking for a husbun. But if you think you might have the perfect boy for her be warned - there is already a sizeable queue of possible suitors forming ahead of your little fluff monkey...

"Really? Little ol' me? Well that's nice but I don't really see..."

"OMG, THAT's what I look like? Well no wonder!!! I'm freakin' adorable!!!"


  1. She is gorgeous... you should produce a WI type calendar ...Lotty would make a magnificent Miss May!

  2. Can you blame them? "Freakin' adorable" is an understatement. Miss Lotty is *squee*-zalicious!