Wednesday 16 May 2012

Zosia Bunny

If you want photographs of bunnies looking happy it is vital to earn their trust before snapping away. With the shy ones that can be easier said than done. You can't always get a good shot of them in their little house (bad light + good hidey holes + guy with camera = disappearing bunnies) which sometimes means you are forced into taking them out and placing them in an unfamiliar setting to take the picture. This can only add to their paranoia.

With new bunny Zosia, she was so very shy that even though I did manage to make friends with her first, she still panicked every time I stepped back to pick up the camera. So I never did get a particularly good photo of her, but I didn't much care, because I she came over and gave me this instead.

Thank you for the little bunny-hug Zosia - it made my day!


  1. how wonderful... a bunny hug is so so good for the soul.

  2. bunny hugs > pictures, although I think that is a lovely picture, and Zosia is a very sweet girl indeed.