Thursday 10 May 2012

Jester By Name...

Were you ever at a wedding, or perhaps out celebrating with people from your workplace, leave your camera on the table while you go for a little dance, only to discover later that one of your "friends" took an "amusing" picture of themselves while you were gone?

'Cos the thing is, I DO remember, at the Rescue, putting my camera down a few times to go and deal with something. I DO NOT, however, remember taking this picture of Jester.


  1. Well, Jester, you are a talented photographer and your self portrait is adorable. Those fluffy ears are just begging to be stroked and that cute little spot on your nose?just begging to be kissed!

  2. Completely agree with maisie. My goodness, Jester - you are one talented, handsome, brilliant bunny! ; )

  3. He he he! Great photo jester, what a cutie!