Saturday 18 August 2012

29 and Climbing

29 degrees centigrade and constant sunshine today. Too hot for bunnies, too hot for me. Too hot for cleaning, too hot for health checking wriggly bunnies, but we did it anyway. Big thanks to everyone who helped today. Think I might need to sit in the shade at home and just relax now though. If somebun will let me of course...

"What next? More playtime or more snacks? Snacks? Is it more snacks? Or maybe... no, is it snacks?"


  1. For a bunneh, it's always snacks... ;)

  2. I'm with Jade... Moshi always had this face that seemed to say, "Treat? Treat? Treat treat?"

    ...and how can you say no to those faces!

  3. going to be another scorcher today... poor bunnies and, over here, also poor chickens and poor hairy cob. Roll on cooler weather.

    PS I hope Whisky got his snacks!

  4. ooooh a Whiskey fix,and him with his more snacks please face on....hehehe