Friday 24 August 2012


It is good practice to check your bunnies daily for signs of fly-strike, especially if they are overweight and struggle to reach everywhere to clean. We seem to have seen an increased number of cases this year in the UK, which is most likely related to the odd weather. Checking your rabbit for this unpleasant and potentially deadly condition may also give you a chance to spot other problems they might have...

After my long Wednesday, I was hoping for an easier one yesterday. So I wasn't overly excited when it turned out I would be spending much of the beginning of Thursday extracting a medium sized whole dead slug from Jemima's dewlap. I struggle to understand how, but it had deeply matted itself into her short fur. She seemed at least as disgusted with the removal process as I was, though I'm pretty sure she was happy to be rid of it as she flew into a round of mad binkies straight after (though there could also have been an "ewwww" and "shakin'-off-the-yuck" factor to that too).

After recovering from her "slug-strike" incident, she also had to endure an unrelated trip to the vet to have her breathing checked and pick up some medicines, so that's another of my bunnies that's going to hate me for the coming weeks.

Do they still make Tamagotchi's? It might be my only chance of pet appreciation any time soon.

"Driver? Drop me at the nearest bar. I need a bucket of carrotini with a very big straw."


  1. those bunnies will still love you ,its just being poked and proded gives them the hump

  2. a few choice treats and you'll soon be numero uno again!

  3. Oh no! Poor abused Jamima! I have stood on a couple of slugs in my time (something about hating socks and shoes) .. and its rather like stepping on a yoghurt tube and then getting to scrape glue off your skin .. slimey, cold, glue. (This image is for everyone who has neither stepped on a slug nor tried to extract one from rabbit.)

    Sage once pounced on a spider that DARED come near her. However, spider got trapped in padless bunny paw and she did a mad "EW! EW! EW! Get it out! Get it out!" dance all around the living room.

    Trust me, you're in less trouble if you don't spend five minutes laughing..