Thursday 30 August 2012

Alarming Behaviour

Technically I'm on holiday this week, so it would be nice to tell you that I've been sunning myself somewhere pleasant rather than blogging, but in actual fact I'm having a week of being poor, sick and injured. Most of the week has been spent lying flat on the sofa gently whimpering to myself, desperately trying to remember what I bought, ate or lifted to leave myself in such a state.

Still, there's always bunnies to cheer me up. This morning while I tried to have an extra ten minutes in bed, Whisky decided to boost my spirits by standing on my head until I got up and made his breakfast.

"Really? A bunny on your face? Not me, I've been here the WHOLE time. Maybe you dreamt it. Now, about this breakfast..."


  1. Oh dear, so sorry you're not feeling well. Mr. Mick and I will be thinking many good thoughts for a swift recovery.

    I will say, though, that seeing that sweet little bunneh face would make me feel at least well enough to make sure he was fed. Whisky, you are just all kinds of adorable.

  2. Bunnies make such good alarm clocks! Get well soon.

  3. Awww he's look so cute so glad he's keeping up your spirits while you are feeling unwell,get well soon snuggles from Speedy and mum