Monday 6 August 2012


Whisky's little habits seem to go in phases, especially the place he chooses to take his daytime naps. He'll have a few weeks always sleeping in front of the window in his room, then for a few days he'll want to nap in the lounge, occasionally it's in the hallway. Wherever it is, for the duration of that phase it is always the exact same spot every day. So when I can't find Whisky in the afternoon, I generally only have a few places to check. Yesterday he started back in this phase:

"Call this bedding? There's no hay and it doesn't even have litter material under it. Speaking of which, erm... you may need to put these sheets back in the machine after I'm done..."


  1. *squee*! A drawer full of Whisky! :D

  2. More *SQUEE*who doesn't want a drawer full of Whiskey?

  3. Dear Whisky, that is a fine looking den you have there, and, yes, you should insist on a daily change of sheets!